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Benya and Zubrik

Benya and Zubrik


Benya and Zubrik

Hi! We Benya and Zubrik.

Your designers of good mood and just two hooligan natures in the world of "fashion feschen".

We were asked 5 express questions, which we answered as quickly as possible.

Journalist: Rhyme for the word gucci?

Benia: Heaps

Bison: Uyuchi.

Benia: There is no such word.

Bison: There is no word, but there is rhyme.

Journalist: Your most provocative T-shirt?


Benia: In vain I gave her grandmother.

Journalist: There is a t-shirt "Sorrel", there is a t-shirt "Kinza". Are you vegetarians?

Bison: No, we are Jewish.

Benia: And we have a T-shirt with a carrot, but this does not mean that we are rabbits.

Journalist: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Bison: From the inspirational Pump room.

Benia: You forgot to say that we scoop it with a scoop.

Journalist: What will be your next episode?

Benia: Successful

Bison: Funny.

Benia: As the answer turned out predictable, let's better this: The series will be devoted to the history of foam concrete.

Bison: Great, this is a new hit, urgently in circulation.


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