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only in Berlin come by - Rosenthaler Str. 5, 10119 Berlin open from - Monday to Saturday 12-20
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Eme Clothing was founded by Maria Rodrigo in Berlin (Germany) in 2016. After two years of evolution and with all the previous collections sold out, Eme clothing has developed into a brand with confidence on its products.

We create a style of modern clothing — personal, elegant, current, oversize, urban and casual — always working with the best materials. This is the basis of our quality and our success with an exclusive style and limited units.

Our philosophy: creating a style that stands apart from industrial fashion. Handmade clothing, made with love and detail.

Buying slow fashion reduces waste and negative impact on environment.
Eme Clothing is a brand of slow fashion and responsible consumption.
We are currently working on our new collection that will be launching very soon.

Maria Rodrigo - founder of Eme Clothing

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